Summertime for the ODO children is winding down.  We continue to get regular updates from our Project Manager Gerald.  The children ended their school year in June, and all did very well, bringing home good reports!  Gerald was very pleased with their success and development.  The children all love soccer, and made sure to follow the Copa America tournament, which is the main international soccer tournament for teams in South America.  Gerald advised us that Widena was happy when Chile won the tournament, as she is a fan of their team!

In the past few months some of our children had to be taken in for medical care.  One of the girls, Wideline, was taken to the Dental Clinic of the nearby Albert Schweitzer Hospital and had to have 5 rotten teeth extracted.  As well, one of our boys, John Wesley broke his arm after taking a tumble while playing.  It was plastered and has since healed.

Soon our children will be returning to school, just like the children here in Canada.  Their first day of school will be September 7th.  After rising for the day, they eat their breakfast at the orphanage, and then walk over to the school, which is next door.  They are in class from 8am-1pm.  After school they return to the orphanage to play and receive further education from our hired tutor Precieuse.

Over the past year, fundraising efforts by the Beausejour Early Years School raised enough money to construct and install playground equipment on the ODO property.  The playground equipment has been built by local tradesmen, and will be delivered and installed shortly.  The children are very excited about this, and so are we!

ODO is also happy to share the news that one of our past employees Edeline has enrolled in nursing studies in Port-Au-Prince.  She just completed her first year exams and received excellent marks in all her courses.  She hopes to start her practical in a health centre in September.

Board Members were hoping to visit ODO this coming fall.  However, due to Haitian elections that begin in October and last through until December, they will be postponing their trip until March 2016.  Haiti can be a volatile place come election time, so our board was advised against any visits during this period.

Thank you for visiting our site and for all of your continued support.

-ODO Board of Directors

The Rt. Hon Edward Schreyer

I write in support of a cause of crying need and undeniable merit. Sharon Dugard seeks to build an orphanage to finally give a home to young people. In childhood, without a home, there is no hope. They have no chance to learn how to earn a livelihood either. If Sharon succeeds, many youngsters' lives will change from despair to normal hope. As one who supports Habitat for Humanity because of the hope it brings to young families, I find it compelling to support this effort on behalf of homeless children.

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