“In working together with love, our 14 children have been given a new life of hope and a brighter future.  They have a home in the community of Deschapelles (2-hour drive north of Port-au-Prince), being fed, clothed, have safe clean water, receive medical care, attend school and belong to a local faith community.  Employment for ten local community members has also given them hope and opportunities.  Enjoy this year’s cheerful annual picture of the children and some staff with Shleiden still needing to put his shoe on for the picture!”

Back Row (l-r)  - Nathalie (Housemother), Frazimene, Widena, Chrislene, Fenick & Fenia (twin brother & sister), Andison, Ivenson

Front Row (l-r) - Evelyne (Head Cook), Jhondy, Shleiden. Nagella, Wideline,  John Wesley, Maudena, Andy, Renante (our new Assistant Housemother)

Missing from photo – Erick (Manager), Dieudela (Assistant Housemother), Muracia (Assistant Cook), Ismene (Laundry), Maxius (Maintenance), Milodieu (Security), Precieuse (Tutor)


* * * * * * * * * *


Message from our Board of Directors

“From our home to yours, heartfelt thanks from our Volunteer Board of Directors for your compassionate support, faithful prayers, kind and generous donations, fundraising efforts as well as volunteering throughout the year.  May you and your loved ones have a Blessed Christmas and Peaceful New Year 2015.” 

Sharon Dugard (President), Ute Rehill (Vice-President), Lilianne Gauthier (Secretary), Trudy Martens (Treasurer), Breanne Dugard, Dorothy Dugray, Lana Hintz, Heather Lindsay, Joan Litke and Benjamin Plett


This fall we said goodbye to two Board Members – Mel Darroch (Treasurer) and Christine Collings.   We thank them for their dedicated service to our vision, their compassion and friendship.  We also welcome and thank our two new Board Members – Trudy Martens (who has taken the Treasurer position) and Lana Hintz for joining us. 


* * * * * * * * * *


2014 at a glance… 


  • The renovations on the existing empty building on the property were completed and serves as an activities study room for the children as well as two small bedrooms and bathrooms for guests and volunteers. 
  • Sharon, Ute and 2 volunteers (Shireen Enns and Lana Hintz) visited the home this past March.  It was a wonderful week with the children and pleased to see how well they are progressing.  This was also the first stay in the renovated building.  Ute kindly shared her thoughts and can be viewed on our website for an archived feature story and picture of the visit.
  • Irene Hudek (Beausejour, MB. resident and retired school teacher) volunteered for a couple of weeks at our orphanage this past April.  She was able to share her teaching and music skills with the children, staff and local teachers.  Irene kindly wrote of her experience and can be viewed on our website along with a picture.
  • Our tutor, Precieuse, continues to work daily with the children who prior to becoming part of the ODO family had received little or no schooling.
  • Some of our children and staff were affected by the Shikunguya fever (transmitted by mosquitos) this past summer.  Everyone has recovered but did have some lingering pain for a while after recovery.
  • Edeline, one of our Assistant Housemothers, has left her position to pursue her education in Nursing. 
  • We are looking at introducing ‘electronic debit’ in the coming year.  This is an option that we have been asked for by some supporters at having the opportunity to make direct monthly deposits from their bank accounts instead of writing cheques.  We will keep everyone informed when this option becomes available.
  • Soccer is the most popular sport in Haiti and, Gerald, our Project Manager in Haiti shares this story with us about our children for you to enjoy and have a chuckle…


“The kids are growing up!  They express their thoughts on what they like and what they do not like.  They take position and are openly great fans of the Soccer Team of Brazil.  Neymar the young Brazilian star is their preferred player.  I put a T.V. in the dining room for them every week and they watch soccer games.  The house becomes more animated than before, particularly when Brazil is playing against another team and makes a goal.  They cheer, dance, jump and scream “Goal! Goal! Goal!”  When the game is over, the discussion begins.  They talk all together explaining the events, demonstrating the process to the different goals.  During the World Cup their deception was big when Neymar was hurt and could not continue the game.  Their deception became bigger when Germany defeated Brazil 7 – 1.   They were sick that day and could not eat!” 


“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.

Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in His sight.

Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

Supporter from Whitemouth, MB

The last few years, our family has chosen ODO as a worthwhile cause to make a financial donation in lieu of Christmas gifts to each other.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to support this charity that enhances the lives of those struggling with poverty.

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