Open Doorways Orphanage board of directors would like to thank all of the local residents who have expressed their concerns about our orphanage in Haiti this hurricane season. Thankfully, no hurricane has affected the orphanage to date. Our supervisor in Haiti has reported that they experienced some heavy rain earlier when Irma passed by but there was no damage to the region.

Fundraising events such as this help us to raise money to meet our operating budget of approx. $3,000 USD per month.  With the decline of the Canadian dollar over the past year, a significant strain has been put on ODO resources.  We would like to establish and maintain a regular donor base to ensure the stability of cash flow, fund a vehicle purchase and any future education costs for the children.  We would like to encourage you to become a dedicated monthly donor so we can continue to provide for the children so they can have a bright and stable future.  For ease of making monthly or one-time donations we have set up automatic banking withdrawals.  Please see the attached link below to fill out a donation form.  It can be returned to ODO via email or mail.



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Lorraine & Al C.

As parents of three children and six grandchildren, we realize the importance of quality care for children.  We trust the Open Doorways Orphanage organization to provide that quality care for orphans in Haiti.

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